The ABFA Code of Conduct

Bibby Financial Services (BFS) has been working with businesses such as yours for over 30 years.  We support over 7,000 clients in the UK and Ireland and as members of the Asset Based Finance Association (ABFA) abide by its Code of Conduct.

The principles of the code are:

•ABFA Members shall abide by this Code and all applicable laws and regulations
•ABFA Members shall act with integrity and deal fairly and responsibly with clients and guarantors
•ABFA Members shall provide clients and guarantors with all appropriate information in a timely and transparent manner
•ABFA Members shall ensure that legal documentation issued by them is clearly and unambiguously written 
•ABFA Members shall provide effective and timely client services in accordance with their legal agreements
•ABFA Members shall operate their own appropriate complaints procedures and ABFA may from time to time request details of such procedures and anonymised data as to their outcomes

The Code of Conduct is complemented by an independent complaints procedure for businesses that feel they may have been treated poorly by a member - this is independently arbitrated and managed by The Ombudsman Services.  To find out more about the Code of Conduct, please visit the ABFA website at

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Client Online Contact Us

Contact the Bibby Financial Services Client Online Service Desk between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday on 1800 818368 from ROI or 0800 783 0314 from Nothern Ireland or email should you require any technical support.

The support desk will be able to answer any technical queries you may have on:

- Issues accessing Client Online

- How to use Client Online

- Problems with the Client Online system