Manufacturing Individual 002

We want to reward you

We place great value on the business referrals we receive from our existing clients. So, we want to reward you for any new business you refer to us. To show our appreciation for every business contact you pass on to us, that results in a new client, we'll thank you with an iPhone XR (64GB) .

Just let us know about another business who could benefit from our funding, whether a customer, supplier or other business contact and we'll do the rest.

Manufacturing Individual 002

How it works

You will receive an iPhone XR (64GB) for each introduction you pass to us that results in a new client contract being signed.

All you need to do is complete our Client Referral Form, call 01 297 4911 or pass their details to your relationship contact.

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For technical support call 1800 818 368 from the Republic of Ireland or 0800 783 0314 from Northern Ireland