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Funding for international trade

Trading with business partners overseas can be challenging. Cash flow issues can arise when you pay your suppliers up front and then must wait for payment for orders.

Trade Finance allows you to buy goods from abroad and bridge the cash flow gap between paying your suppliers and receiving payment from your customers.  

Selling overseas presents many opportunities for businesses as well as challenges, not least to cash flow. Export Finance helps businesses that sell overseas by releasing the value of outstanding invoices while we support you by collecting customer payments.

If you want to protect against currency fluctuations, we can also offer our integrated Foreign Exchange services.

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Being able to combine Trade Finance and FX facilities with a leading provider like BFS is a huge advantage to us, enabling us to both access working capital to fund the entire trade cycle, whilst also managing currency exchange risk Steve Driver, CEO, Spirit Circuits

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Buying domestically and overseas with Trade Finance

Trade Finance enables you to buy the stock you need, get paid quicker than normal and ship your products sooner within Ireland and overseas.

By unlocking the funds you need to fulfil your orders you can remove the day-to-day pressure of purchasing from suppliers while improving your cash flow and growing your sales.

If you’re experienced in international business and are considering a new trade finance provider, take a look at our Trade Finance solution and discover what sets us apart from the competition.

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Selling overseas with Export Finance

If you are already selling overseas, or are ready to consider international trade, Export Finance can provide the funding certainty you need.

By unlocking the value of your outstanding invoices you can ensure you have the money available when you want to take advantage of business opportunities.

We can handle your credit control and sales ledger management, while you oversee your account 24/7 with our Client Online service.

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Foreign Exchange service offers value and certainty

With uncertainty in today’s global economy, our Foreign Exchange service helps businesses working with suppliers and customers in different currencies by reducing your exposure to currency fluctuations.

Our service allows you to make and receive payments quickly and easily across the globe.

We offer market-leading exchange rates, zero fees on transactions and payments and no deposits on Forward Contracts so you can focus on building successful international trade.

Foreign Exchange

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