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Financing is vital for the manufacturing sector

Manufacturing businesses have unique banking needs. Whether it’s assisting with cash flow, financing growth to build new supply chains, improving efficiency, or helping to penetrate new markets, our manufacturing sector team can provide guidance to help find the most appropriate financing options.

Manufacturing businesses need reliable cash flow to deal with regular payments for wages, materials, energy and maintenance. And maintaining a competitive advantage, while keeping pace with changing legislation and technology, means you need to invest in new machinery and equipment.

Manufacturing funding can help your business. We fund thousands of manufacturing businesses through our Invoice FinanceExport FinanceTrade FinanceBad Debt Protection and Foreign Exchange services.

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How manufacturing finance can help your business

  • Manage your day-to-day cash flow
  • Reinvest funds in your business to fuel your growth

  • Take advantage of opportunities for growth in both domestic and international markets
  • Manage currency fluctuation risk if you trade internationally 

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Why choose manufacturing finance with us?

Over a quarter of our customers are manufacturing related, from printing and engineering businesses, through to electrical manufacturers.

We understand the pressures in cash flow and time in manufacturing - from purchasing supplies to producing orders. We know your cash will be tied up in stock and raw materials.

And we also know you can face supply chain challenges with seasonal demands and a high concentration of key debtors. This is why:

  • Our flexible financing products have been developed with your challenges in mind to deliver industry-leading support
  • We can fund the entire business lifecycle, from start-up and early stages, through to established and mature companies.


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