Allpro Services

Updated: 5 April 2020
  • Location: Nationwide, Ireland
  • Sector: Facilities management

Facilities management provider works with long-term financial partner to scale up nationwide

Allpro Services began life in 2002 as a cleaning business, before expanding to offer a wide range of facilities services. They now employ over 450 staff providing cleaning, security, landscaping pest control and other services across Ireland.

In order to continue developing their business, co-founders Conor Nolan and Alan Connolly needed a reliable financial partner that understood their business and would stick by them to help them achieve their goals.

Alan Connolly, Co-founder of Allpro Services: “On first meeting with Bibby Financial Services we immediately got a very strong feeling that we could work together. It’s very clear to us that when the larger financial institutions within the country weren’t prepared to back Irish SMEs, Bibby Financial Services was more than happy to step into the fold and support us when things were tough, as well as in the good times.

“We have been working with Bibby Financial Services since 2007, and we’re looking forward to growing the business nationwide by 15-20% with their support over the next 18 months.”

Allpro Services has benefited from Bibby Financial Services’ partnership with the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI), which offers SMEs a discount of up to 1.5% on invoice finance services. Having worked with Bibby Financial Services for over 13 years, Allpro Services continues to expand its offering and shows no signs of letting up yet.