Invoice Finance and support with late payment problems

When businesses set up an Invoice Finance facility an added benefit is that we take care of payment collections from customers.

While this can be a help in overcoming the financial burden of dealing with late paying customers, a concern by some businesses is the potential impact on customer relationships. Introducing a third party into payment collections has the potential to be damaging if not handled correctly.

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Professional service and courteous treatment of your customers

Our dedicated credit control team will work as an extension of your business team, treating your customers like our own. We will not create problems or damage your relationship but enhance your business by enabling you to focus on your day to day operations and strategy. This way you are safe in the knowledge that your payment collections are being handled in a professional and courteous manner.

Our clients value our approach to supporting strong relationships, which is one reason why we have a Net Promoter Score of +49 points.

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A partnership designed to deliver success

At Bibby Financial Services our aim remains to deliver success for your business. We are passionate about working in partnership to help you.

We understand a good relationship with your customers is one of your greatest assets. Employing a finance facility to help support your growth is designed to benefit rather than damage your relationship.

By using an Invoice Finance facility, you are increasing your financial capacity which means you could have the time and money to:

  • employ more staff
  • increase sales activity
  • move into larger premises
  • focus on research and development

All these things will improve your service offering and capabilities so should be viewed as a positive in the eyes of your customers.

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Fears about Invoice Finance damaging customer relationships are often inspired by the mistaken notion that these services are only for struggling businesses. In fact, they are not – many firms use Invoice Finance to expand rather than simply survive.

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