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Successful businesses use Invoice Finance in cash flow planning

Some business owners won’t consider alternative financing options such as Invoice Finance because they fear it might look like they’re in financial difficulties.

Giving customers and suppliers the right impression is important but so too is making financial decisions based on facts rather than myths.

The reality is it’s common practice for Invoice Finance to be used by successful businesses to fund their growth and bridge the gap between paying suppliers and awaiting customer payments. It also covers you against the rising problems of bad debt caused by customer insolvencies by simply adding Bad Debt Protection to your facility.

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How Invoice Finance helps cash flow management

Invoice Finance can be a great way to help businesses that need cash to fund growth ambitions. It’s recognised by many as an established and credible form of finance.

Invoice Finance is a smart solution especially for those who are uncertain about taking on debt because it releases funding from unpaid invoices. This means that by growing your business and increasing company turnover you can also unlock more funding. 

Recruitment consultants Recruiters needed flexible and reliable funding to support the businesses daily operations and ongoing growth. An Invoice Discounting funding solution has allowed enabled the business to focus on growth, as well as easing cash flow pressures and better managing credit control and payments cycles.

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Financing that benefits you and your customers

Invoice Finance can play an invaluable role in helping ambitious businesses grow. When notifying customers of the facility it should be presented as a positive cash flow management tactic to assist growth and managing cash flow effectively.

Larger companies understand that cash flow is critical not only for them, but also for their supply chain.  So instead of worrying: ‘What will my customers think?’ you should ask: ‘How will this help my customers?’ The answer is that Invoice Finance can contribute to the continued and future success of your business and a healthy supply chain, so everyone benefits.

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What if you require confidential financing?

We do understand there may be times when a business seeking to raise finance can be viewed as being detrimental or compromise the business and your relationship with your customers. This is where a confidential facility can be used which enables the business to raise the finance it needs, without your customer being aware of our involvement. Our team work discreetly and professionally.

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