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What is Trade Finance?

Buying goods from overseas can be a great opportunity for your business - but it can also be complicated. From finding suitable suppliers and importing the goods, to ensuring you sell them for a profit, each step of the way can bring challenges.

Any delay when buying, taking delivery and selling goods can negatively impact on a business, especially when trading overseas. If funds aren’t readily available at the point of purchase or even when placing orders, your ability to meet your customers’ expectations, or to take on lucrative new contracts can be weakened.

Trade Finance gives you access to all or part of the cash you need upfront, meaning you can take advantage of valuable discounts and build trust with new suppliers without leaving your business exposed. Read our Trade Finance product details page for more information.

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How does Trade Finance work?

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You order from your supplier and provide us with your confirmed purchase order.

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On receipt of the agreed documentation we make the payment to the supplier and the goods are shipped.

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Following delivery of the goods, you repay us once the goods are sold or from your Invoice Finance facility.

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Trade Finance can fund importing and domestic purchases

Trade Finance can help you to unlock the funds you need to fulfil your orders and take the pressure off purchasing from local and overseas suppliers. This form of import finance allows you to make purchases and pay suppliers before you've received the cash from your sale and bridge any cash flow gaps.

We pay your suppliers on your behalf so you get the goods, then you repay us when you make the sale.

You can also benefit from our integrated Foreign Exchange if you trade overseas and want to protect against currency fluctuations.

And for those businesses which sell overseas, Export Finance can also help you bridge any cash flow gaps by releasing cash against your outstanding customer invoices.

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Why choose Bibby Financial Services for Trade Finance?

We have over 35 years’ experience supporting businesses like yours. You will be partnering with a truly international business operating across 10 countries throughout Europe and Asia.

Our structured Trade Finance solution offers a unique way to fund your overseas trading supported by a team dedicated to providing you with the best possible service.

We provide:

  • Competitive and fair pricing
  • Payment when your goods are shipped
  • Payment of your Duty, VAT and freight payments

The Trade Finance, Invoice Finance and FX funding package has given us sufficient working capital to fulfil larger contracts, giving us the capability to expand and ease our cashflow pressures. Shereen Smillie, Finance Director, JAC Vapour

Is your business suitable for Trade Finance?

Your business could be suitable for Trade Finance if you:

  • are an Irish business that trades with business partners here and overseas
  • want to pay your suppliers quickly and improve cash flow while waiting for customer payment
  • have strong stock reporting and stock management systems