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How our business FX service can work for you

Whether you're experienced in international trade or are new to doing business overseas, we can help you get the most out of Foreign Exchange (FX). Our service is challenging traditional FX suppliers by offering greater value and clear benefits.

Our business FX service allows you to make and receive payments easily and swiftly across the world. We offer spot conversions for immediate needs or forward contracts to provide certainty for future currency requirements. And you can use our business FX as a standalone service or as part of our Invoice Finance facilities. We offer affordable FX with market leading exchange rates, zero fees on transactions and payments and no deposits on forward contracts. 

We are one of the most trusted names in business finance so you have access to dedicated experts who understand the world of FX and international trade. To make things even easier you can also use our self-service online portal.

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A flexible service designed to suit you

Our business FX service allows you to make and receive payments quickly and easily across the globe.

We offer Spot Conversions, which let you immediately buy or sell currency, as well as Forward Contracts which locks-in a rate to use later even when exchange rates fluctuate. 

If you trade internationally and already use foreign exchange facilities then you may be paying high fees or deposits on Forward Contracts. You can also be subject to premium exchange rates with banks. These factors can all affect your profit margins.

As an international business with a network of offices across 10 countries we have expert knowledge of markets across Europe, Asia, and beyond.



We can help you to save money with:

  • Market leading exchange rates
  • Zero fees on payments and transactions
  • No deposits on Forward Contracts
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Managing risks associated with exchange rates can prove extremely complex. The ability to combine funding with foreign exchange services in this way is something other non-bank funders are simply unable to do. Michael McGowan, Managing Director FX division at Bibby Financial Services

Key features and benefits of Foreign Exchange


  • Combine your funding with business forex to release cash from your invoices within 24 hours and exchange to the currency of your choice
  • Money exchanged and sent on the same day
  • Just one simple transaction with payments to almost anywhere in the world
  • No transaction charges and zero fees on making or receiving payments
  • No deposits on Forward Contracts and the option to choose open or future
  • Access to dedicated FX experts


  • Support: you get access to foreign exchange experts who understand exchange rates and currency fluctuations
  • Speed: we exchange funds and send them to the business of your choice on the same day
  • Reduce risk: we help you to reduce exposure to currency fluctuations with the ability to lock-in exchange rates at today's price and schedule in a payment at that rate in the future, giving you more control
  • Flexibility: when you need to exchange more funds than available through your Invoice Finance facility, you can increase or transfer funds from elsewhere
  • Accessible: you can avoid the need to transact multiple times and retain the funds until you wish to exchange it, making your money work harder for your business
  • Personal: we get to know our clients who value our relationship-based approach

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How Foreign Exchange can help your business

Business Foreign Exchange is ideal for businesses that export goods or services internationally who want to access cash through unpaid invoices and make sure their cash flow is stable.

At the same time, with uncertainty in today’s global economy, corporate FX helps if your business works with suppliers and customers in different currencies by reducing your exposure to currency fluctuations.

If you'd like to find out more how our services can help your business then get in touch.

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