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What is Bad Debt Protection?

Whichever cash flow funding solution you choose for your business, you can add the additional service of Bad Debt Protection, giving you protection from the risk of suffering a bad debt from your customers insolvency or inability to pay.

Benefits of adding Bad Debt Protection to your facility

  • Your business will be unaffected if an invoice you sold to us is not paid by your customer to Bibby Financial Services Ireland.
  • Invoices over the value of €1,000 can be included in your Invoice Finance product with Bad Debt Protection and you will receive up to 90% of the total net value.
  • We can cover debts up to 60 days old.
  • There is no recourse to you if an nvoice is not paid by the customer – the invoice will still be paid to you and your business funding will be secure.
  • We assess and provide quick decisions on credit limits for your existing and prospective customers, including limit increases

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Why choose Bad Debt Protection?

Each year Irish businesses lose thousands of euro because their customers are unable to pay or end up insolvent. As part of your funding facility, Bad Debt Protection (also known as ‘non-recourse’) will give you peace of mind, safeguarding you against non-payment. It’s ideal if you’ve had past experiences of bad debt, or a few customers represent a large percentage of your total sales.