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Is Invoice Finance only for struggling businesses?

Invoice Finance has grown in popularity considerably in recent years and although it continues to evolve, some age-old myths about it still exist today.

It is an alternative funding product which often means it is perceived as being far more complicated than conventional lending products. As a result, there is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding it.

We can demonstrate how Invoice Finance can support your business financing strategy and how it can be used effectively by dispelling some of the myths.

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The strength of support throughout this change made BFS the first choice for us. The team at BFS set themselves apart by taking the time to understand our industry and where the future of our business was going. KEITH HERBERT, DIRECTOR, TOTAL PIPELINE

Flexible, alternative business finance to support your growth plans

Many businesses today are choosing Invoice Finance because they recognise its flexibility and how it can effectively support growth and investment.

It is true that Invoice Finance can assist struggling businesses which need to get on top of their cash flow management. But it is also widely used as a positive way to release working capital to assist expansion. 

Invoice Finance is a smart choice for fast growing, entrepreneurial companies because it allows you to access funds tied up in unpaid invoices.

Some benefits include:

  • It relies on the creditworthiness of your customers
  • Gives you access to working capital when you need it
Add Bad Debt Protection to protect against customer insolvency

  • Provides the liquidity needed to grow and make acquisitions
  • Can help you manage day-to-day trading requirements


Generate cash flow to support increases in business orders

Invoice Finance is a flexible and efficient way of generating cash flow quickly when you need it. Because it grows in line with your business orders it is a good strategic driver for growth and is widely used to support acquisition strategies.

By releasing working capital, you get the freedom and flexibility to invest in growth or to diversify into other activities.

Growth is the key word to remember and is the reason many businesses are utilising Invoice Finance for organic growth as well as mergers and acquisitions. It should not be viewed as a financial weakness to use this form of finance.

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Don’t let working capital restrictions prevent new business opportunities

Many dynamic and high-performing businesses are prevented from growing by restricted working capital – whether it is tied up in invoices or stock and premises. Invoice Finance unlocks the working capital and is helping many businesses to realise their true potential. The flexibility of Invoice Finance means it can also continue to grow post acquisition in line with company sales.

Invoice Finance can help your business thrive and grow, whether this is through supporting a merger or acquisition, business expansion, providing more jobs, or enabling the purchase of new machinery or stock to fulfil an order.

The direction of growth is yours; Invoice Finance provides you with the alternative funding you need.

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